Welcome to SIC Online Enrolment System. Please read the following Instructions.
Note: With the implementation of the new and refined Online Clearance System, we are still on the process of connecting the Clearance System to the Online Enrolment System. Meanwhile Please follow the Instructions below. If you forgot your online enrolment credentials, you can always message the ICT Office Facebook: ICT Office Official Facebook Page page for your credentials for Clearance and another for Online Enrolment.

1.) Please make sure that you are already cleared and you can proceed to step 2. If not, Please process your Online Clearance here: https://clearance.sic.edu.ph.

2.) Once Cleared, Enter your Online Enrolment Username and Password on the login form below to start your 3-Step-enrolment process.

3.) Upload your Proof-of-Payment following the require downpayment. (Downpayment chart can be viewed once you logged in).

4.) Allow the Business office to verify your payment for 1 - 2 Business days. Once verified, the Dean on your respective school will upload your Study Load.

5.) Once Study load is uploaded, you are now officially enrolled. You can download it by logging in and scrolling at the bottom fo the page until you can see the "Download Study Load" button.

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College Online Enrolment System

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